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NHS will prescribe cannabis-based medicine for epilepsy from January


Major League Baseball removes cannabis as banned substance

dan herer

Dan Herer: The Power of Hemp


Hemp & CBD Mag: Nov ’19 Winter Edition Available Now!!!


Rugby stars James Haskell & Ben Franks discuss taking CBD and new brand Impact Sports

Hemp & CBD Expo
Is it time to legalize? watch the Hemp & CBD Expo activist panel

Is it time to legalize? Cannabis Activism Panel discuss legalizing cannabis in the UK


Victoria Atkins replacement: Change in Britain’s drug minister could be a step towards talks of legalisation

Simpa Carter No Half Measures

NO HALF MEASURES – Why the CBD industry should join the fight to relegalise ALL cannabis


Birmingham City FC sign partnership with Green Monkey CBD


UK cannabis legalisation could raise £1 billion and give vital support to self-medication purposes

mike Harlington

‘Providing a safe, legal, legitimate, and regulated industry’ Mike Harlington Interview

Jamie Bartley Interview

Hemp farming could change agriculture, industry and carbon usage in the UK


Catherine wilson EIHA
Catherine wilson EIHA

Catherine Wilson – EU History of Hemp Flowers and Leaves Consumed in Foods – it is NOT Novel

HCM’s FULL SPECTRUM ROUND TABLE Ep.1 – UK Industry leaders discuss all aspects of Hemp & CBD!

the crop ep. 1
the crop ep. 1

THE CROP’ EP.1 UK INDUSTRY ROUNDUP Highlights of CTA Convention, ECW & Cannabis Europa

Hemp & CBD Expo – September 14th – 15th 2019 – Teaser

Highlights from the Awards at the Hemp & CBD Expo March 2019

Highlights of the March 2nd & 3rd Hemp & CBD expo

Oliver Mammon speaks at the Hemp & CBD Expo
Oliver Mammon speaks at the Hemp & CBD Expo

Oliver Mammon – Taylor Mammon – Mathematical accuracy and validating your CBD product

Norm Bour speaking at the Hemp & CBD Expo
Norm Bour speaking at the Hemp & CBD Expo

Norm Bour – Vape Mentors

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