Hannah Deacon Interview: NICE interim guidance for cannabis medicine

HCM Interviews Hannah Deacon, mother of Alfie Dingley, to ask what she thinks of the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) interim guidance for cannabis-based medicinal products – released yesterday, August 8th, 2019.

A brief summary of the review indicates that more evidence, and randomized controlled trials are needed to fully understand the long term effects and side effects of cannabis based medicines on patients, stating there is simply not enough evidence that it is safe.

When asked for her thoughts on NICE’s findings Hannah said

“I think this is absolutely ridiculous! Are we saying that every country in the world with a medical cannabis legislation is wrong? Are we that arrogant?

I think that we are pharmaceuticalizing cannabis, and that is wrong. It does not lend itself to a randomized controlled trial process, because of the nature of the plant.”

Hannah moves on to to say “Until the exceptionality of this medicine is accepted, we’re not going to move forward, I don’t think. I think that is extremely sad, I think NICE are outdated”

Hannah openly states that she, herself applied to be on the panel. She was told that she could be, but only if sacrificing any media opportunities, or being able to talk about her feelings about cannabis. 

Hannah points to the hypocrisy of the situation stating

“I know there are people on that panel, that have created that guidance, who have openly in the last year, talked to the media about their concerns about cannabis medicine. 

My feeling is that there is a real question to be asked of these people that actually wrote this guidance, and it’s very very concerning, and I’m very very upset and angry about it, because all it does is block access!

Children, and the families I work with, they haven’t got 10, 15, 20 years to wait for randomized controlled trials, and actually what will happen at the end of those trials when a pharmaceutical company makes the medicine – That will still be inferior to the plant!”

Hannah speaks of her greatest concern as a mother and advocate, being the alternative for families who are still going to be fighting the restrictions for access to cannabis medicine from our government saying 

“Actually my greatest concern is that families who are very vulnerable, with very very sick children will turn to the black market, and use products which are inferior and are not safe.”

In comparison, Hannah then raises the issue of Sativex, a scheduled drug that has had trials conducted. NICE’s recommendation for Sativex fell short only based on it’s cost-effectiveness. 

“Sativex is 50/50 CBD/THC. So they’re saying there’s no evidence that THC is safe, yet they’ve done trials with Sativex. 

THC doesn’t suddenly change if you put it in a different medicine, it’s THC! It shows the lack of understanding of cannabis from the people that have written this ‘evidence’ and this guidance.”

We find out more about Hannah, and her son Alfie in the full interview which will be avaiable on our Hemp & CBD Media Youtube channel from 10/08/2019. Tune in to watch and find out more about Hannah’s efforts to raise awareness of the benefits of cannabis on behalf of other suffering families currently being denied access to the plant.


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