The first Full Spectrum Round Table Discussion with Hemp & CBD Media

This Friday HCM released it’s latest video production and we are very excited to have you all be able to watch the first of what will be a FULL SPECTRUM round table discussion series. The evening was set at the Union Jack club in Central London, Waterloo where 6 notable figures in varying sectors of our industry met for an evening of filming, and dinner conversation.

UK Industry leaders discuss all aspects of Hemp & CBD, the challenges the industry faces, and what’s to come. An open and casual dialogue sees our guests through a low pressure evening discussing real issues that are weighing on their mind. Non scripted, no agendas – we are all here to support an industry in need of transparency and clarification.

Featuring our guests Dr. Dani Gordon (Independent doctor), Robert Jappie (Mackrell Turner Garrett), Mike Harlington (Cannabis Trades Association), Tim Phillips (CBD Intel), Callie Blackwell (The Cannabis Activist), Prof. Graeme Close (Leading UK professional sports nutritionist), Robert Sidebottom (Hemp & CBD Media) and Tommy Prendergast (Hemp & CBD Media)

HCM hosts their first “FULL SPECTRUM ROUND TABLE” discussion – Where Hemp & CBD Media and our guests discuss multiple areas of the hemp and cbd industries in the UK including… Sports science & professional athletes recovery regimes WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) views on CBD and cannabinoids CBD & Whole plant Stigmas and public perception The Novel foods debate in 2019 Isolate and Full spectrum product discrepancies BREXIT and the FSA/EFSA MHRA and enforcement and much more!!!


We hope you enjoy the Episode of what is the first of many more Full Spectrum Round Table discussions from HCM.

Don’t forget to look out for our Event Recap of the Mary Jane Berlin event that took place last month (Airing next week), as well as our upcoming interview with Jamie Bartley-A UK hemp farmer and his views on industrial hemp in the UK and the challenges he faces. Also we’ll be catching up with Hannah Deacon to tell her story, and lots lots more!

If you’ve got a story or a feature you’d like to discuss with us, reach out to our Media team at

Also don’t forget! you can see all of our guests speaking at our Hemp & CBD Expo September 14-15th, 2019 along with a lot more great seminar speakers! Early Bird tickets are on sale now  HERE


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