Michigan Joins the Party!



With voters passing Proposal 1, legal cannabis is on its way to Michigan.

The legislative change is expected to come into effect by early December, meaning Michigan is about to join the ranks of weed-welcoming US states.

Public perceptions and the demand for legalisation in the US are at an all-time high.

Michigan residents over the age of 21 will be within their legal rights to carry up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis on their person at any time.
Adults will also be able to legally grow up to 12 cannabis plants within private property; though landlords will remain able to deny accommodation to those who smoke cannabis / prohibit the cultivation of the plant within their property.

Specific licensing arrangements will need to be drawn up, as the bill proposes various different certifications to allow additional allowances, such as:

  • Marijuana Retailer
  • Marijuana Safety Compliance Facility
  • Marijuana Secure Transporter
  • Marijuana Processor
  • Marijuana Microbusiness
  • Class A Marijuana Grower (authorising cultivation of no more than 100 plants)
  • Class B Marijuana Grower (authorising cultivation of no more than 500 plants)
  • Class C Marijuana Grower (authorising cultivation of no more than 2,000 plants)

Whilst legislative details and minutia are still being considered, the response to the decision has been largely positive.
One of the lesser known debates revolves around the use of cannabis within university campuses; with one campaign group, in particular, pushing for cannabis to be treated near identically to alcohol, so far as its acceptance within social situations and institutions is concerned.


What does this mean?

  • The possession and cultivation of cannabis by those deemed adults by the state, aged 21 and over, will be legal.
  • Dedicated dispensaries are expected to begin opening in around a year after the bill is passed, allowing time for legislative groundwork to be laid for retailers.
  • Employers will retain the right to drug test employees and interviewees. They may still fire or discipline employees for testing positive for cannabis consumption, as well as denying employment to potential future employees.
  • Michigan will be the first Midwestern state to legalise cannabis, and its expected that the decision may cause other nearby states to consider legalisation more seriously than they may have done previously.
  • With cannabis legalisation making headlines more and more frequently; this will likely further the UK cannabis debate, providing an example of yet another legalisation and how it works out.


Is this particular model of legalisation one you agree with?
Do you think we could learn from the American legislation model here in theĀ UK?


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